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New Year / New Logo​

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation was founded in 1954 by the Louisville Downtown Lions Club and has been governed by the Lions of Kentucky since it's inception.  In 2018, the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation staff and board members began refreshing our branding with the inception of our updated Mission, Vision, Motto and Core Values.  At the time our Foundation had just gone through a tremendous transition.  Again in 2020 with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation staff and board members found themselves in another transitional period, as staff began working remotely and board meetings were held virtually while still working to bring our mission to as many Kentuckians as possible.  During the stressful and unprecedented time in the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our work towards re-branding became less of a focus as our efforts were needed in other areas.  As we begin this New Year, we are excited to announce and share with you our NEW LOGO that we created during our re-branding efforts in 2021. 


Our previous logo was developed to show that Lions bring individuals from darkness into light, as the lines on the logo go from dark to light, moving left to right.  While we certainly still believe that our work helps people go from darkness to light, we have also added new programs and services since the creation of our previous logo and we felt that the new logo conveys images that directly showcase our work.  An eye remains the focus in our new logo, as our main mission will always be to help with vision needs, but the individuals above the outstretched hand inside the eye showcase a family of all ages, indicating that we strive to lend a helping hand ALL Kentuckians regardless of age.  The heart in the center of the logo also symbolizes that our heart is the reason why we serve.   

Official KLEF Logo_edited.png
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