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Vision Van


The Vision Van program is a vision screening program started by the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation in 2002 in which Lions Clubs and volunteers throughout the Commonwealt provide FREE vision screenings for children and adults at health fairs and other events.  The Vision Van houses screening equipment which is removed from the van and is required to be used in an indoor environment. The Vision Van is ran by volunteers who have been trained to use the equipment.  Companies and organizations that host health fairs or want to provide vision screenings to their employees, customers or clients can request the Vision Van and requests are reviewed by our volunteer group and fulfilled based on volunteer availability. 

What does a screening cost? 

The screenings are FREE thanks fo the support and volunteer efforts of Kentucky Lions Clubs and Program supporters. 

Why should I participate in a vision screening?

More than 50,000 Americans lose their sight each year, and nearly half of these individuals go blind needlessly.  Prevention is an important aspect of health care and especially vision care. 80% of blindness in the world is preventable with early detection and modern treatment.  


A screening does not replace a professional eye examination, but it can help identify individuals at risk for eye disease.  Finding eye disease in its early, treatable stages saves sight.

Visual Acuity

This machine conducts simple, accurate and repeatable visual screening tests in a few minutes.  This tests vision acuity; i.e. how well a person can see up close or far away. 

Field Vision

This vide game like machine tests for signs of visual field loss possibly due to a variety of ocular diseases including cataracts, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and more.  


This machine delivers three small (painless) puffs of air into the eye to test intra-ocular pressure. High or low pressure can sometimes be an indicator of eye diseases or other health problems.

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