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The Linda and Henry Smith President's Award was created in 2011 to honor the memory of one of Kentucky’s finest Lions couple.  PID Henry and PDG Linda Smith were active volunteers with KLEF and were instrumental in many KLEF initiatives.


The award is presented each year during the MD43 State Convention by the current KLEF President to an individual who has been instrumental in helping during that President's term, just as Linda and Henry were to KLEF and always so willing to help.  

The following list of  10 Linda and Henry Smith President's Award recipients was last updated 6/16/22.   The list is updated annually.  If you see a correction that is needed to this list please contact

Who has received the Linda and Henry Smith President's Award?


Linda & Henry Smith President's Award

  YEAR            RECIPIENT(S)                                      KLEF PRESIDENT

  2010-2011    Jim Pettit                                               Samuel 'Bo' Humphrey

  2011-2012    Kitty Pettit & Jan Westerman           Jerry Bennett

  2012-2013    David Adams                                       Omar Rogers

  2013-2014    Eldon Pontius                                      Noel Hardwick

  2014-2015    Doc Stengel                                           Chuck Carlson

  2015-2016    Sheri Friedrich                                     Gerald Wedding

  2016-2017    Bob Swett                                              Jan Swett

  2017-2018    Mac Ferguson                                      Charyn Lonneman

  2018-2019   Carol Hollander                                    Shea Nickell

  2019-2020   Tom VanEtten                                      Mark Webster

  2020-2021   Gil Wentzel                                           Guy Hollander

  2021-2022   Guy Hollander                                      John J. Johnson, III 

  2022-2023   Karen Hayse, Lindy Lamkin &         Ramon Buntin

                         Jennifer Spurling

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