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Life Patron Recipients

The Patron Proram was created to provide assistance to those Kentuckians who are under-insured and in need of eye surgery.  To fund the program, members of Lions Clubs in Kentucky can recognize members and non-members by making them a Life Patron with a $100 donation to KLEF.  Clubs or individuals can further these honors by contributing a total of $500 to make someone a Silver Patron and a total $1,000 to make someone a Gold Patron.  These donations go directly to the Patron Program which assists those in financial need to have sight saving surgeries or treatments.

To honor someone as a Life Patron please click the link below for more information.

Become a Life Patron

To honor someone as a Life Patron, Silver Patron or Gold Patron, please click the link below to download the application. 




Complete the application and email to or

mail application to:

Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation

 301 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

 Louisville, KY 40202

Payment can be made via check sent in mail or online by clicking here.  If paying online, please type Life Patron, Silver Patron or Gold Patron in the comments section of the online donation form, so that we allocate the donation correctly. 

Who has been named a Life Patron?

The following list of 3,789 Life Patron recipients was last updated 5/17/23. 

The list is updated quarterly.  If you see a correction that is needed to this list please contact

A. B. Holliday

A. B. Holliday, Jr.

A. C. Brown

A. Charles Weir

A. Craig Harris

A. Louis Partain

A.K. Miller

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Rucker

Aaron Witten

Abby Silverman

Abner Bradley

Ace Byrd

Adam Ruschival

Adrian Pierson

Adrian Twinney

Agnes Holbrook

Aida Combs

Al Hare

Al Hudson

Al Kenny

Al Krause

Al Mollis

Al Parrock

Al Pike

Al Poole

Al Purnell

Al Schnieder

Al Senn

Al Spenard

Alan Deklef

Alan Gentry

Alan Lipson

Alan Muck

Alan Stewart

Alan Wilson

Alangoya Tezel

Albert Bottorff

Albert Bricking

Albert Craig

Albert Daniel

Albert Heath

Albert Kaplan

Albert McKinney

Albert Mitchell

Albert Rich

Albert Yeager

Alex Goodman

Alex Hycrza

Alexis Jones

Alfred Cornett

Alfred St. Aubin

Alice Bley

Alice Ludkins

Alice Tucker

Alicia Cook

Alicia Humphries

Alicia Pontius

Alisa Beatty

Allan Simon

Allen Barker

Allen Bryan

Allen Dizney

Allen Hedgspeth

Allen King

Allen Perkins

Allen Stephens

Allen Thompson

Allyn Phillips

Alma Welker

Alson Gilbert, Jr.

Alverta Hampton

Alvin Cox

Alvin Farris

Alvin Nichols

Alyson Stamper

Amanda Aldridge Switzer

Amanda Gearhart

Amanda Goodpaster

Amanda Thompson

Amy Combs

Amy Hatter

Amy Westerman

Andrea L. Smith

Andrea Lambert

Andrew Hornung

Andrew Isaacs

Andrew McLaren

Andrew Strickland

Andrew Vickers

Andy Braun

Andy Patrick

Andy Stephenson

Andy Thomas

Angela Bently

Angela Taybi

Angie Dickerson

Angie Erne

Angie Wilmhoff

Anita Mindrup-ivie

Anita Williams

Ann Ambach

Ann Elsea

Ann Gajdik

Ann Gatherwright

Ann Harrison

Ann Horn

Ann McWhorter

Ann Roberts

Ann Schnurr

Ann Sherman

Anna Carter

Anna Gayhart

Anna Godman

Anna Lee Jett

Anna Lowery

Anna M. Latendresse

Anna Walkup

Anne Massing

Anne Palmer

Annette Coomer

Annie Sanders

Anthony Barber

Anthony Bittel

Anthony Gaydos

Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McDougle

Anthony Mills

Anthony Vaughn

April Bailey

Arch Howard

Archey Mullins

Archie Gaige

Arhtur Walters, Jr.

Arlene Bundy

Arnd Rehfuss

Arnie Westlund

Arnold Chandler

Arnold Payne

Arnold Pohl

Arnold Prewitt

Art Hodde

Art Matthews

Arthur Fisher

Arthur Nonneman

Arthur Whiteman

Arvin Crafton

Ashley Pater

Aubrey Crump

Auckerman Blaine

Audley Gilliam

Audrey Metzer

Audrey Shay

Audrey Snyder

Augusta Evans

Augustin Soliva

Austin Regier

Avis Mason

Bain Coombs

Ballard Jones

Barbara Asher

Barbara Blankenship

Barbara Dirkes

Barbara Huffer

Barbara Jones

Barbara Kacer

Barbara Lusk

Barbara Michael

Barbara Motley

Barbara Powell

Barbara Taylor

Barbara Toon

Barbara Verville

Barbara Wade

Barbara Walker

Barney Lain

Barry Birdwhistell

Barry Bungenstock

Barry Harrison

Barry Hill

Barry Kennemore

Barry Palmer

Barry Waldrop

Basil Wiist

Bazel Osborne

Bea Chapin

Bea Sallee

Bea Sowards

Beach Craigmyle

Beattie Delong

Becky Foster

Becky Ivy

Ben Falmlen

Ben Hays

Ben Linton

Ben Lowe

Ben Osborne

Ben Ward

Benard Dirkes

Benjamin Boix

Benjamin Cooper

Benjy Mikel

Bennett Driskill

Bennie "Frank" Gant, III

Benny Bradley

Bently Helton

Berman Samons

Bernadine Vickers

Bernard Murphy

Bernard Raper

Bernard Tichenor

Bernard Walsh

Bernice Ballou

Bernice Druck

Bernice McClellan

Bernice Shrophire

Bernice Williams

Bernie Holsclaw

Bert Higginbotham

Bert Jones

Bertha Hoover

Bess McIntosh

Beth Birkner

Beth Jones

Beth Lacy

Beth Sharp

Betsy Huhn

Bette Sked

Betty Adams

Betty Baker

Betty Black

Betty Bohannon

Betty Combs

Betty Drive

Betty Duvall

Betty Freels

Betty Harrison

Betty Haydon

Betty Hudson

Betty Johnson

Betty Jones

Betty King

Betty Krausman

Betty Lou Taylor

Betty Marrow

Betty Monin

Betty Piercefield

Betty Reagan

Betty Ross

Betty Swope

Betty Thompson

Betty York

Beulah Braden

Beverly Brown

Beverly Drabek

Beverly Jacobson

Beverly Johnson

Beverly McCubbin

Beverly Nichols

Beverly Norris

Bill Barlow

Bill Beakler

BIll Bender

Bill Black

Bill Blandford

Bill Blender

Bill Breeden

Bill Browning

Bill Buckingham

Bill Burris

Bill Carroll

Bill Carter

Bill Cox

Bill D'Andrea

Bill Davig

Bill Engle

Bill Flowers

Bill Gore

Bill Hacker

Bill Henderson

Bill Horbeck

Bill Hord

Bill Kinsey

Bill Loney

Bill Martin

Bill McClellan

Bill Michter

Bill Milner

Bill Minihan

Bill Niles

Bill Olsen

Bill Padon

Bill Polack

Bill Roberts

Bill Sansom

Bill Secrest

Bill Shearer

Bill Shields

Bill Shinkle

Bill Smith

Bill Snyder

Bill Sponcil

Bill Swope

Bill Taylor

Bill Tillett

Bill Vickers

Bill Wedding

Bill Wiseman

Bill Wright

Billie Flannery

Billie Johnson

Billie Wilford

Billy Arnold

Billy Blackburn

Billy Bohannon

Billy Bradshaw

Billy Collier

Billy DeRossett

Billy Dunn

Billy Farr

Billy Fields

Billy Gorman, Jr.

Billy Kinsey

Billy Ross

Billy Walls

Billy Wright

Blaine Auckerman

Bland Dorris

Bob Blaker

Bob Brown

Bob Cammack

Bob Cox

Bob Crager

Bob Davidson

Bob Ellis

Bob Farr

Bob Finch

Bob Flaig

Bob Garrett

Bob Hahnel

Bob Hahnel

Bob Hayden

Bob Hopebell

Bob Jackson

Bob Kinzer

Bob Kolodzi

Bob Leeper

Bob Lucas

Bob Maggard

Bob Mark

Bob Mattingly

Bob Moberly

Bob Myerhoff

Bob Pettit

Bob Phillips

Bob Qualls

Bob Roberts

Bob Ryan

Bob Seefeldt

Bob Shay

Bob Simpson

Bob Sparks

Bob Stephens

Bob Swett

Bob Trisler

Bob Waddell

Bob Warren

Bob Wendell

Bob West

Bob Williams

Bob Wolz

Bobbie Fisher

Bobbie Inman

Bobby Browning

Bobby Chapman

Bobby Combs

Bobby Groves

Bobby Morris

Bobby Pace

Bobby Proctor

Bobby Russell

Bobby Shepherd

Bobby Speake

Bobby West

Bonita Blount

Bonnie Hollowell

Bonnie Keller

Bonnie Lashbrooke

Bonnie Maggard

Boone Logan

Boston Owens

Boyd Hammond

Brad McNeal

Brad Sand

Brad Vaughn

Bradley Flynn

Brandon Doty

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Smith

Brandy Hollingshead

Brenda Banning

Brenda Barnette

Brenda Day

Brenda Humes

Brenda Macy

Brenda Moss

Brenda Pennington

Brenda Pryor

Brenda Sand

Brent Gaunce

Brent Summers

Bret Higgenbotham

Bret Wittmer

Brett Abney

Brian Cecil

Brian Cook

Brian Dennis

Brian Hammer

Brian Joehl

Brian Patton

Brian Rhodes

Brian Watkins

Brian Whitehead

Brinston Muncie

Brock Litteral

Brooks Evans

Brown Gwynn

Bruce Akin

Bruce Allen

Bruce Brown

Bruce Ferrell

Bruce Flener

Bruce Forsythe

Bruce Fulton

Bruce Gaunce

Bruce Hawkins

Bruce Kliever

Bruce Koffler

Bruce Langlois

Bruce New

Bruce Sauer

Bruce Vice

Bruce Watters

Bryan Palmer

Bud Druck

Bud Fennell

Bud Palmer

Buddy Stillwell

Buel Stalls

Buford Blakeman

Burchell Martin

Buren Gilpin

Burl Phillips

Burma Knepper

Burnam Roberts

Burt Boyer

Burt Paden

Byron C. Watkins

Byron Daniel

Byron Watkins

C. A. Barnard

C. A. Pantel

C. B. Westerfield

C. B. Wilson

C. Brassfield

C. Jack Wright

C. Ray Jones

C. Stanley Pirtle

C. Todd Anderson

C. Tom Radden

C. Tom Warren

C.J. Scheler, Jr.

C.L. Caldwell

C.M. Hauenstein

C.V. Cooper, Jr.

C.W. Smith

Calhoun Lee

Calvin Bowling

Calvin Gilbreth

Campbell Lockhart

Candice Blevins

Carl Battiston

Carl Chancy

Carl Chelf

Carl Cotton

Carl Couch

Carl Dressing

Carl Driver

Carl Ford

Carl Foster

Carl Hurst

Carl Payne

Carl Peak

Carl Reynolds

Carl Rhodes

Carl Sorrell

Carl Stapleton

Carla Humphrey

Carla Ruschival

Carlis Taylor

Carlton Woodcock

Carol Baley

Carol Bowling

Carol Dahmke

Carol Darrah

Carol Ferguson

Carol Ford

Carol Halpin

Carol Higdon

Carol Jaggers

Carol Kinman

Carol Kolodzi

Carol Mattox

Carol McClroy

Carol McCool

Carol Parker

Carol Taybi

Carolann Botkins

Carole Gawthrop

Carole Leppo

Carole Williams

Caroline Hubble

Caroline Willhoite

Carolyn Chism

Carolyn Dickerson

Carolyn Gardner

Carolyn Gardner

Carolyn Grace

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Marksberry

Carolyn Oblinger

Carolyn Sill

Carolyn Sue Watson

Carrie Divine

Carrie Johnson

Carrie McKenzie

Carter Dean

Cartmell Lester

Catherine Deon

Catherine Leslie

Cathy Flaig

Cathy Hopper

Cathy New

Cecelia Hukle

Cecil Ritchie

Cecil Snapp

Cecil Warner

Cecil Zweifel

Cecilia Roberts

Ceil Lyles

Celeste Hagedorn

Cephus Hughes

Chad Carmichael

Chad Hembree

Chad Sammons

Charity Reed

Charlcie Collins

Charlene Miller

Charles (Chuck) Roberts

Charles Bellanca

Charles Blankenship

Charles Boone

Charles Brodt

Charles Brown

Charles Bryan

Charles Bryant

Charles Buford

Charles Burch

Charles Calvert

Charles Carlson

Charles Cartwright

Charles Duffy

Charles French

Charles Gray

Charles Henry

Charles Hilton

Charles Holmes

Charles Hood

Charles Horn

Charles Hughes

Charles Jackson, Jr.

Charles Johns

Charles Johnson

Charles Jones

Charles Jones

Charles Jones

Charles Killian

Charles King

Charles Kirk

Charles Lanham

Charles Lanz

Charles Logsdon

Charles Loyal

Charles Martin

Charles Moore

Charles Morgan

Charles Mullinax

Charles Murphy

Charles Palmer

Charles Plowman

Charles Rechtin

Charles Reeves

Charles Rice

Charles Riehl

Charles Rosenburt

Charles Rutledge

Charles Sapp

Charles Scates

Charles Schorman

Charles Schott

Charles Singer

Charles Smith

Charles Stewart

Charles Tarter

Charles Tarvin

Charles Terry

Charles Tharp

Charles Townsent

Charles Turner

Charles Walker

Charles William

Charles Woods

Charles Young

Charlie Clark

Charlie Haley

Charlie Kamuf

Charlie Long

Charlie Reed

Charlie Segar

Charlie Sparrow

Charlie Wolfe

Charlotte Allen

Charlotte Arnett

Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Miller Stengel

Charlotte Orr

Charyn Lonneman

Chase Clore

Chelsea Keller

Chelsey Keesy

Cheri Ensor

Cheryl Edelen

Cheryl Murray

Chester Elkin

Chester Jones

Chester Newsome

Chester Smtih

Chester Stevenson

Chick Chism

Chris Boni

Chris Cooperrider

Chris Kuhnen

Chris Lee

Chris McGlone

Chris Nielsen

Chris Zaepfel

Christine Conley

Christine Conley

Christine Foster

Christine Moberly

Christopher Pike

Chuck Carlson

Chuck Danison

Chuck Hammrick

Chuck Hillman

Chuck Philps

Chuck Skinner

Chun Ro

Cindy Francis

Clarence Horn

Clarence Schreck

Clarence Walters

Clarice Fishman

Claud Ethridge

Claude Freels

Claude Hixson

Claude McCubbin

Claude Murphy

Claude Nelson

Claude Yates

Clay Diamond

Clayton Cook

Clayton Lykins, Jr.

Clayton Plageman

Clayton Smith

Clem Fennell

Clevie Sims

Cliff Knapp

Clifford Wilson

Clifton Moore

Clint Bumgardner

Clint Lamb

Clint Nickols

Clinton Carter

Clinton Smith

Clovis Barnett

Clyd Kohl

Clyde Faneuff, Jr.

Clyde Jacobs

Clyde Kohl

Cody Evans

Cokie Cox

Coleman Nickel

Colin Cox

Colin Fosberry

Colin Todd

Colleen Alexander

Colleen Campbell

Colleen Hahnel

Colleen Ochs

Collen Hahnel

Collenne Pennell

Colton Barrett

Conald Stretch

Connie Ecabert

Connie Grossman

Connie Redmon

Connie Salyers

Connie Spivey

Connie White

Coo-Ee Parks

Cora Spann

Corney Wahl

Cortlandt Secord

Craig Payne

Craig Pennell

Craig Taylor

Craig Winterman

Creda Heffelfinger

Creda Isaacs

Curt Echols

Curt Flannery

Curt Hamilton

Cynthia Byrd

Cynthia Ferguson

Cynthia Garrett

Cynthia Ritchie

D. "Wayne" Lawrence

D. A. Spayth

D. Matt Burchett

D. Mike Everly

Daisy Edwards

Dale Barrett

Dale Dixon

Dale Irwin

Dale Ledford

Dale Muhall

Dale Speer

Dale Storms

Dale Walker

Dallas Sharpe

Damaris Sexton

Dan Barr

Dan Combs

Dan Corbin

Dan Dowdy

Dan Fields

Dan Griffiths

Dan Langdon

Dan McGary

Dan Morgan

Dan Reasons

Dan Ryan

Dan Sleet

Dan Spivey

Dan Woodruff

Dana Ladd

Dana Maples

Daniel Albert

Daniel Boggs

Daniel Fausz, Sr.

Daniel Haggard

Daniel Weber

Danny Cope

Danny Luttrell

Danny Maggard

Danny Palmer

Danny Wagel

Darlene Horton

Darlene Pettibone

Darlene Stout

Darrell Hill

Darrell Pelfrey

Darrell Sayler

Darryl Meadors

Daryl Boggs

Daryl Gibson

Daryl Grannis

Dave Bowman

Dave Collins

Dave Colvin

Dave Gardner

Dave Keller

Dave Lawrence

Dave Lindsay

Dave Lindsay, Jr.

Dave McGuire

Dave Rose

Dave Satterly

Dave Vocke

Dave Whalen

Dave Winters

David Adams

David Appleman

David Ayers

David Bates

David Beck

David Brauer

David Braun

David Brown

David Caldwell

David Clark

David Combs

David Copeland

David Crafton

David Crawford

David Daire

David Decker

David Dodd

David Faxon

David Fulcher

David Grandgeorge

David Gutzeit

David Halcomb

David Hargrove

David Hassloch

David House

David Hummel

David Joehl

David Johnson

David Kennard

David Madison

David Mason

David McClure

David McClure

David Mitchell

David Morrow

David Nitschke

David Oliver

David Overby

David Perry

David Pogue

David Reesor

David Scantland

David Schneider

David Shockey

David Slone

David Smith

David Strehl

David Tullar

David Warren

David White

David Wilde

David Willis

David Wilson

David Winters

Davie Greer

Davis Hassloch

Davis Roberson

Davis Rose

Dean Buchanan

Dean Carter

Dean Crawford

Dean Scott

Deanna Franklin

Deanna Hamilton

Deanna Shelton

Debbie Bryant

Debbie Carnes

Debbie Dickerson

Debbie Graven

Debbie Smith

Debbie Wagner

Debbie Williams

Debie Orcena

Deborah Ives

Deborah Ives

Deborah Silk

Debra Bell

Debra Day

Dee Cumbo

Dee Downey

Dee Olsen

Deidre Harrison

Delmis Donta

Delores Fleming

Delores O'Day

Delores Stelzig

Delphia Lasslo

Dennis Burling

Dennis Cobler

Dennis Duke

Dennis Gabbard

Dennis Libertoski

Dennis Nieberding

Dennis Peck

Dennis Spainhour

Dennis Sutton

Dennis Tichenor

Dennis Watts

Denny Foy

Denny Hermes

Denny Thomas

Denver Creech

Denzle Hill

Deon Benson

Derrick Dean

Derrick Yelton

Deward Dennis

Dewey Cummins

Dexter Pepper

Diana Cantrell

Diana Franklin

Diana Varner

Diane Heidelburg

Diane Logson

Diane Luttrell

Diane Nelson

Diane Seagle

Dianna Johnson Hood

Dianne Adams

Dianne King

Dianne Lear

Dick Barnes

Dick Brennan

Dick Martin

Dick Penny

Dick Root

Dick Sellars

Dick Taulbee

Dick Tileston

Dick Vance

Dinah Presnell
Doc Ferrell
Dolores Dick
Dolvetta Kirtley
Don Arvin
Don Brandenburg
Don Cornwell
Don Crum, Jr.
Don Davis
Don Flannery
Don Gardner
Don Gatewood
Don Hale
Don Hatton
Don Hembree
Don Holt
Don House
Don Hudson
Don Jacobson
Don Karr
Don Keffer
Don Lair
Don Lewellyn
Don Miller
Don Millure
Don Minor
Don Mynear
Don Naftz
Don Nelson
Don Perry
Don Reilly
Don Renau
Don Rosser
Don Satterly
Don Schilling
Don Smith
Don Taylor
Don Thompson
Don Tumey
Don Wathen
Don Welch
Don Whitehouse
Donald Bridges
Donald Cleaver
Donald Cowles
Donald Cummins
Donald Eades
Donald Hampton
Donald House
Donald Jacobs
Donald James
Donald McGee
Donald Petty
Donald Slone
Donald Toller
Donald Tumey
Donald Wathen
Donald Wigginton
Donald Wright
Donna (Peach) McClure
Donna Brautigan
Donna Browne
Donna Mullins
Donna Neal
Donna Roberts
Donna Stelle
Donna Taulbee
Donnie Bussell
Donnie Denton
Donnie Jessie
Donnie Martin
Donnie Wallace
Dora Clark
Dorcas Catron
Doris Callebs
Dorman Hendry
Dorothy Conners
Dorothy Crouch
Dorothy Long
Dorothy McMillen
Dorothy Porter
Dorothy Reed
Dorothy Reeves
Dorothy Vessels
Dorothy Wheeler
Dottie Day
Dottie Wilke
Doug Anderson
Doug Braun
Doug Brooks
Doug Butler
Doug Carlisle
Doug Crafton
Doug Hampton
Doug Ison
Doug Phillips
Doug Redman
Doug Seaton
Douglas Brooks
Douglas Dance
Douglas May
Douglas Phillips
Douglas Windle
Dr. Ali Haider
Dr. Ashima Gupta
Dr. Billy Ballard
Dr. Brett Hines
Dr. Charles Conley
Dr. Charles Daniels
Dr. Chris Paterson
Dr. David Holiday
Dr. Ferd Metzger
Dr. Gregory Hagedorn
Dr. H. B. Bradford
Dr. Hank Kaplan
Dr. J. Hays
Dr. J.F. Hicks
Dr. John Musick
Dr. Ken Compton
Dr. Leo Broering
Dr. Leo Taylor
Dr. Maurice Fuchs
Dr. Michael Shields
Dr. Ralph Doc Stengel
Dr. Rand Paul
Dr. Richard Eiferman
Dr. Robert Brooks
Dr. Robert Loy
Dr. Robert Niles
Dr. Susan Benefield
Dr. Tom Weldon
Dr. Tony Smith
Dr. Walter Enright
Dr. Warren Wickert
Dr. William Holbrook
Dr. Williard Gillespis
Dralene Mueller
Drucie Jones
Duane Miller
Duane Plappsr
Dudley Forsythe
Dudley Thompson
Dura Scott
Dustin Rose
Dutch Wilmhoff
Dwayne "Pie" Jett
Dwayne Garrett
Dwayne Stafford
Dwight Beyke
Dwight Bray
Dwight Pierce
Dwight Whisman
E. Britton
E. Gary Hogan
E. T. Kash
E. V. Holder, Jr.
Earl Alford
Earl Boggs
Earl Bush
Earl Conley
Earl Floyd
Earl Halleran
Earl Hurst
Earl Manco
Earl McClanahan
Earl Preher
Earl Robbins
Earl Souter
Earl Thompkins
Earl Visse
Ed Brady
Ed Doyle
Ed Edwards
Ed Haines
Ed King
Ed Miller
Ed Schrage
Ed Sumnel
Eddie Abraham
Eddie Carter
Eddie Hall
Eddie Hicks
Eddie Humphrey
Eddie Hyatt
Eddie Prevette
Eddie Rubenacker
Eddie Welch
Edgar McClanahan
Edgar McLain
Edgar Nick Cleves, Jr.
Edgar Payne
Edison Banks, II
Edison Sauteben
Edna Brown
Edna Cloud
Edna Collins
Edna Humphrey
Edra Halton
Edsel Arnett
Edward Bechnke
Edward Crews
Edward Crim
Edward Ehlman
Edward Goins
Edward Limer 
Edward North
Edward Patton, Sr.
Edward Prescott
Edward Thomasson
Edward Wallace
Edwin Benton
Edwin Miller
Edwin Rogers
Edwin Young
Edwina Brown
Effie Nelson
Eileen Ehlman
Elaine Couch
Elbert Johns
Eldon Pontius
Eleanor Kaahns
Elfreide Latendresse
Eli Miller
Eli Reynolds
Elisabeth Lunsford
Elise Leib
Elizabeth "Cathy" Horne
Elizabeth Eades
Elizabeth Mayhugh
Elke Smith
Ella Ketron
Ellen Allgor
Ellen Preher
Ellis Hefner
Ellis Rowe
Elmer Blum, Jr.
Elmer Staubitz
Elonda Caston
Elsie Roberts
Elton Piercefield
Elwood Howe
Emery Orszag
Emery Tueskoes
Emily Gordon
Emma Jean Dean
Emmett Scott
Emmitt Greenwell
Emory Cardell
Ena Ena
Eric Ashley
Eric D. Gardner
Eric Hadley
Eric Hill
Eric Monhollon
Eric Skaggs
Erma Stargel
Ernest Atkins
Ernie Crowe
Ernie Dever
Ernie Moscoe
Ernie Schorz
Estel Barrett
Esther Hassloch
Ethlyn Davis
Euegne Mattox
Eugene Myles
Eugene Sizemore
Eula Stumbo
Eva Foster
Eva Jacobs
Evelyn Barth
Evelyn Schlifke
Evelyn Sizemore
Evelyn Van Etten
Evelyn Vaughn
Everett Lyles, Jr.
Everett Nagle
Exie Minton
Ezra Click

F. Crawford
Fank Versnick
Farrell Richardson
Faye Hogue
Felici Felice
Ferd Metzger
Ferdinand Moore
Ffrank Wichman
Finis Davis
Finis Despain
Finley Begley
Flo Beck
Flo Cummins
Flo Warner
Flora Allen
Floyd Russellburg
Floyd Smith
Forest Harmon
Forrest Washburn
Fraces Almy
Fran Root
Frances Allen
Frances Beck
Frances Brodt
Frances Gardner
Frances Trumbo
Francis Miles
Francis Westerman
Frank Adams
Frank Bell
Frank Boarman
Frank Cassidy
Frank Cloud
Frank Cox, Jr.
Frank DeFini
Frank Edelen
Frank Egger
Frank Farmer
Frank Glass
Frank Halpin
Frank Hubbard
Frank Hutchinson
Frank Jacobs
Frank Keller
Frank Latendress
Frank Ryan
Frank Sapp
Frank Schumpert
Frank Schwab
Frank Wilford
Frankie Arthurs
Franklin Charles
Franklin Howe, Jr.
Franklin Messer
Fred Adams
Fred Bates
Fred Chamber, Jr.
Fred Crump
Fred Eastabrook
Fred Flowers
Fred Hall
Fred Henley
Fred Irtz
Fred Knudsen
Fred McCrady
Fred Metzger
Fred Schlatter
Fred Southworth
Fred Vickers
Fred Wimsatt
Fred Wright
Freda Shipman
Freddy Harris
Fredia Harmon
Fritz Stoller
Furman Lester
G. E. Nicholson
G.K. Harmon
Gale Strom
Garanett Mitchell
Garey Beckett
Garneda Goodwin
Garnet Trimble
Garnett Swinford
Garrett Waters
Garry Cardwell
Garry Knauer
Garry Lawrence
Garry Newson
Garvice Douglas
Gary Angel
Gary Britten
Gary Brunker
Gary Cardwell
Gary Christensen
Gary Clark
Gary Compton
Gary Fry
Gary Gabbard
Gary Gregory
Gary Logan
Gary MacMitchell
Gary Marsch
Gary McComas
Gary Miles
Gary Miller
Gary Nelson
Gary Nicely
Gary Parks
Gary Philpott
Gary Poynter
Gary Vessels
Gary Workman
Gayle Bostic
Gayle Buchanan
Gayle Oneil
Gayle Rearden
Gaylon Good
Gean Gilliland

Gene Archey
Gene Fort
Gene Pack
Gene Price
Gene Stinnett
Geneva Johnson
Geneva Pierce
Geoff Harwood
George Allard
George Alvey
George Bassinger
George Bowman
George Carpenter
George Childs
George Civey
George Day
George Donlow
George Durik
George Eades
George Hamm
George Holland
George Howell
George Jones
George Jump
George Keller
George Kramer
George Larsen
George Lonneman
George Lyons
George McClure
George Moore
George Moore, II
George Nash
George Plummer
George Roedere
George Smith
George Stanbach
George Wyatt
George Zubaty
Georgia Davidson
Georgia Schoborg
Gerald Adams
Gerald Croft
Gerald Curtis
Gerald Ellsworth
Gerald Hite
Gerald Landis
Gerald Leslie
Gerald McClain
Gerald Messenger
Gerald Moss
Gerald Rose
Gerald Sheperson
Gerald Thiede
Gerald Wade
Gerald Wedding
Gerl McKinney
Gerry Carroll
Gerry Jackson
Gert Cleves
Gilbert Mitchell
Gilbert Scott
Gill Marshall
Ginger Wallace
Ginny DeMoisey
Gladys Franz
Gladys Porter
Gladys Ryan
Gladys Wagel
Glen Alreadya
Glen Bolinger
Glen Brown
Glen Miller
Glen Payton
Glenard Balridge
Glendal Rice
Glenial Tharpe
Glenn Baird
Glenn Martin
Glenn Morrow
Glenn Thornberry
Glenn Workman
Gloria Angel
Gloria Jones
Glynn Garrett
Glynn Gregory
Glynn Reynolds
Gorden Welker
Gordon Cowan
Gordon Henshaw
Gordon Stone
Gracy Varney
Grant Bolt
Graydon Allen
Greg Baxter
Greg Bellomy
Greg Dutton
Greg Edwards
Greg Exterkamp
Greg Haley
Greg Hobbs
Greg Lemons
Greg Peel
Greg Richardon
Greg Thomas
Greg Wingo
Greg Woodward
Gregory Evans
Gregory L. Premo
Gregory Richardson
Gregory White
Greta Brown
Griswold Helm
Grover Jones
Guy Hollander
Guy Ritchie
Gwendolyn Mayer
Gwinn Smith

H. B. Reedy
H. Jack Mason
H. P. Basham
H. Renshaw
H. V. Huston
H.D. Wilson
Hal Burnett
Halcom Marshall
Hank Allen
Hank Schnieders
Hannah Brasher
Hap Cox
Harden Hurst
Harold Adams
Harold Allen
Harold Bennet
Harold Birdwhistell
Harold Brashear
Harold Brautigan
Harold Campbell
Harold Clifton
Harold Doty
Harold Garner
Harold Guffey
Harold Hughes, Jr.
Harold Johnson
Harold Johnson
Harold Miller
Harold Pate
Harold Patton
Harold Pete Wager
Harold Rogers
Harold Sasse
Harold Sherron
Harold Sherron
Harold Smith
Harold Stoneking
Harold Strange
Harold Sullivan
Harry Corder
Harry Pfingst
Harry Rifkin
Harry Schulman
Harry Tunning
Harry Wills
Harsha Senn
Hartlet Curtsinger
Harvey Frye
Harvey Petry
Harvey Richardson
Hays Cowley
Hazel Beard
Hazel Minyard
Helen Laughlin
Helen Lyons
Helen Martina
Helen Piercefield
Helen Stevenson
Helen Swinford

Henderson Specht
Henry "Sonny" Guenthner
Henry Branham
Henry Collins
Henry Cord
Henry Greenwell
Henry L. Smith
Henry Morhead
Henry R. Hall
Henry Sawyer
Henry Silverman
Herb Riggs
Herbert Marcum
Herbert Riehl
Herbert Schlifke
Herman Chiles
Herndon Sorrell
Herschel Anservitz
Herschel Hill
Hester Gray

Hilda Blanch
Hilda Goodlette
Hirshel Bowling
Hobert Elam
Holly Coakley Pelly
Holly Hollinghead
Homer Ledford
Homer Ramsey
Homer Spears
Homer Steele
Homes Smith
Horace Boggess
Howard Baker
Howard Burton
Howard Coleman
Howard Cook
Howard Freeman
Howard McCullough
Howard McErvin
Howard McKenzie
Howard Moran
Howard Mullins
Howard Roop
Howard Stone
Howard Upchurch
Hub Spencer
Hubert Ligon
Hubert Sallee
Hugh Combs
Hugh Hodge
I. Max Reed
Ida Bernard
Ilse Ballantine
Ira Harmon
Ira Johnston
Irene Elam
Irene Meisel
Irene Tolliver
Iris Woods
Irvin Nacke
Irving Peck
Isaac Jones
Ishmael Cochran
Iyad Adjabi
J. C. Dykes, Jr.
J. Frank Moore
J. M. Jolly
J. Peter Cassidy
J. T. Hagan
J. T. Iles
J. T. Kessinger
J. Tom O'Dell
J. W. Hagedorn
J. Wesley Doughman
J.C. Dykes
J.C. Harrison
J.C. Smith
J.D. Parks
J.R. Beard
J.W. Cecil
J.W. Cleary
Jack Benson
Jack Cohen
Jack Connor
Jack Conte
Jack Croucher
Jack Ellis
Jack Greene, Sr.
Jack Grefer
Jack Hanstein
Jack Haydon
Jack Hein
Jack Heist
Jack Hill
Jack Jones
Jack Lancaster
Jack Malkin
Jack Phillips
Jack Ramber
Jack Turbeville
Jack W. Struther, Jr.
Jack Wright
Jackie Burrell
Jackie Hayes
Jackie Woodall
Jacob Linkugel
Jacob Snedegar
Jacque Meyer
Jacquie Miles
Jaime Ann Day
Jake Karnes
Jama Robinson
James  Rafferty
James Alcorn
James Allen
James Anderson
James Archey
James Back
James Benken
James Brown
James Cain
James Cameron
James Castle
James Caton
James Cecil
James Combs
James Crain
James Crawford
James Danford
James Disney
James Dolwick
James Donayel
James Downing
James Duall
James E. "Buddy" Satchwell
James Ed Tichenor
James Fare
James Gilles
James Glockner
James Goodwin
James Halcomb
James Harrill
James Hatfield
James Hayes
James Henninger
James Henninger
James Ivy
James Jenkins
James Kemp
James Kiser
James Knight
James Kuegel
James Letcher
James Lindsey
James Lovell
James Mahan
James Marcum
James McCarroll
James McCarty
James McGuiric
James Monin
James Monson
James Morton
James Nickell
James O. Manning
James Osbourn
James Peden
James Porter
James Rawlings
James Riley
James Rogers
James Sampley
James Self
James Seymour
James Sharp
James Snyder
James Spradin
James Stallings
James Thomas
James Tincher
James Todd
James Waggoner
James Ward, Jr.
James Wells
James Whaley
James White
James Whitney
James Willhoite
James Williams
James Woolverton
James Wooten
James Wright
James Young
Jamie Baumer
Jamiey Miller
Jan Bernard
Jan Gray
Jan Howard
Jan Kuegel
Jan Westerman 
Jan Wygal
Jane Handcock
Jane Johnson
Jane Morton
Jane Riegler
Jane Rossi
Jane Sharon
Janet Bottoms
Janet Gragg
Janet Humphrey
Janet Knight
Janet Morgan
Janet Swett
Jani Rose
Janice Cleary
Janice Galloway
Janice Pullium
Janice Ward
Janie Lanz
Janie Plain
Janis Friend
Jarvis Parsley
Jason Antle
Jason Baute
Jason Randall
Jason Slagle
Jason Smith
Jason Wedding 
Jay Coursey
Jay Gilbert
Jay Gurnee
Jay Patel
Jean "Vonnie" Howard
Jean Dixon
Jean Hager
Jean Owens
Jean Patton
Jean Perry
Jean Piper
Jean Settles
Jean Taulbee
Jean Watkins
Jeane Fulkerson
Jeanette Garrett
Jeanette Whalen
Jeff Adkins
Jeff Coursey
Jeff Cracraft
Jeff Drifmeyer
Jeff Ellis
Jeff Fischer
Jeff Holliday
Jeff Hurn
Jeff Koenig
Jeff Lingrosso
Jeff Moody
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Warner
Jeffery Bell
Jeffrey Coutant
Jeffrey Edwards
Jeffrey Lorenzen
Jeffrey Porter
Jennifer Croucher
Jennifer Huelette
Jennifer Mossotti
Jennifer Ramsey
Jennifer Toerner
Jennifer Warne
Jenny Browning
Jenny Eplin
Jenny Lawson
Jenny Satchwell
Jenny West
Jeremy McWhorter
Jerome Flynn
Jerrell White
Jerri Caudill
Jerry Baehmann
Jerry Bailer
Jerry Bennett
Jerry Bradley
Jerry Davenport
Jerry Dawson
Jerry Downey
Jerry Gaines
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Kaelin
Jerry Leslie
Jerry Montgomery
Jerry Muse
Jerry Reagan
Jerry Schumacher
Jerry Schwartz
Jess Jennings
Jesse Hester
Jesse Kitchen
Jill Seyfred
Jim Adams
Jim Bennett
Jim Chapman
Jim Clark
Jim Collier
Jim Crawford
Jim Cross
Jim Deneen
Jim Dervin
Jim DiSebastian
Jim Dolwich
Jim Doran
Jim Dutton
Jim Eaton
Jim Elkins
Jim Fawcett
Jim Frazier
Jim G. Allen
Jim Goebel
Jim Goodpaster
Jim Gronefeld
Jim Hanks
Jim Harrison
Jim Hawley
Jim Jacobson
Jim James
Jim Jones
Jim Lake
Jim Law
Jim Loden
Jim Lykins
Jim McNevin
Jim Miller
Jim Nance
Jim Nance
Jim Page
Jim Pettit
Jim Ransom
Jim Rossi
Jim Sandidge
Jim Schroer
Jim Shaw
Jim Toom
Jim Weise
Jim White
Jim Willhoite
Jim Williams
Jim Yates
Jimmey Gast
Jimmie Lee
Jimmie Orr
Jimmy Caudill
Jimmy Dalton
Jimmy Duvall
Jimmy Griffett
Jimmy Jackson
Jimmy Jacobs
Jimmy Kruegel
Jimmy Lindon
Jimmy Ross
Jimmy Smith
Jo Ann Maggard
Jo Ann Smothers
Jo Doyle Reed
Joan Clay
Joan Crawford
Joan Martin
Joan Ritter
Joan Tichenor
Joanie Dunhot
JoAnn Benson
JoAnn Foster
Joann Klein
Jody Wright
Joe Allen
Joe Bartley
Joe Bill Ferguson
Joe Bille
Joe Boschert
Joe Brand
Joe Brumer
Joe Carruba
Joe Crump
Joe Dever
Joe Dotson
Joe Dunaway
Joe Gordon
Joe Grider
Joe Hansen
Joe Hawkins
Joe Johnson
Joe Kendall
Joe Mauk
Joe McPherson
Joe Mellot
Joe Millay
Joe Murrell
Joe Nail
Joe Oakley
Joe Pat Gorman
Joe Pat James
Joe Payne
Joe Schneider
Joe Traxel
Joe Turner
Joe Wedding
Joel Arnold
Joel White
JoElla Cope
Joey Graves
Joey Young
John  Davidson
John "Jack" Keyser
John Abbott
John Alexander
John Allen
John Anderson
John Arnett
John Austin
John Basso
John Beyke
John Bishop
John Blaine
John Bottoms
John Boyd
John Bright
John Brossart
John Brown
John Bunnell
John Butch Neal
John Campbell
John Carlberg
John Carr
John Carter
John Chrisman
John Collins, Jr.
John Conklin
John Cooke
John Croak
John David Friend
John Davis
John Depont
John Dixon
John Dunhoff
John E. Dorn
John E. Dorn
John Epperson
John Evans
John Ewing
John Fairey
John Fister
John Ford
John Frazee
John Fritz
John Frye
John Gilliam
John Girvin
John Gomper
John Gorrell
John Greer
John Haley
John Hamilton
John Hanssen
John Harper
John Horton
John Houlihan
John J. Johnson, III
John Jackson
John Jacobs
John Jenks
John Johns
John Johnson
John Keith, Jr.
John Kilcoyne
John Kirkendall
John Knepper
John Kroeger
John Lair
John Lanham
John Lashbrook
John Lewis
John Lindon
John Maddox
John Manwaring
John Martin
John Mason
John Mayer
John Meers
John Miles
John Morris
John Motley
John Newland
John Nohalty
John Nuchols
John O'Cull
John Oldfield
John P. Walker
John Parker
John Picklesimer
John Pierce
John Pike
John Price
John Proffitt
John Quiggins
John Rice
John Rogers
John Rompf
John Rouse
John Salyers
John Sheppard
John Shives
John Shouse
John Sill
John Sims
John Sledd
John Smith
John Stevenson
John Sutherland
John Teater
John Thesing
John Thompson
John Tomko
John Tomlin
John Tomlinson
John Trageser
John Van Cleve
John W. Johnson
John Walker
John Walton
John Warren
John Wesselman
John Whitlow
John Wilson
John Zachery
John Zeitz
Johnie Collier
Johnny Davis
Johnny Friend
Johnny Stroup
Joie Mills
Jon Frost
Jon Horvath
Jonathan Dobbs
Jonathan Smith
Joni Jenkins
Jorden Evans
Joseph "Ben" Mills
Joseph Aulette
Joseph Duffey
Joseph Edge
Joseph Hagan, Sr.
Joseph Hayden
Joseph Hicklin
Joseph Huesman
Joseph Kielmann
Joseph Marcheggiani
Joseph Pusateri
Joseph R. Hardt 
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Shumaker
Joseph Silliman
Joseph Westemeyer
Joseph Williams
Joseph Zeitz
Josephine Hines
Josephine Young
Josh Lyles
Josh Truelove
Joshua Bailey
Joyce Cassity
Joyce Clifford
Joyce Eades
Joyce Friend
Joyce Gibson
Joyce Kelly
Joyce Knott
Joyce Lee
Joyce McClain
Joyce Palmer
Joyce Speake
Joyce Sullivan
Joyce Williams
Joyce Windle
Joyce Windle
Juanita Greenwell
Juanita Grimes
Juanita Hester
Juanita Kirkendall
Juanita Ray
Jude Willis
Judith Wright
Judy Brown
Judy Davis
Judy Dickson
Judy Gates
Judy Letcher
Judy Levinson
Judy McKenzie
Judy Morris
Judy Potter
Judy Pruitt
Judy Rice
Judy Smith
Judy Sprinkle
Judy Sullivan
Judy Tincher
Judy Towles
Julia Harrison
Julia VanHorne
Julia Young
Julian Leedy
Julie Ashcraft
Julie Kreimborg
Julius Cohen
Julius Garera
Julius Harp
Julius Lasslo
June Parker
Justin Woosley
JW Hall
K. Fred Wunderlick
Kara Kolenda
Karen Abraham
Karen Adams
Karen Alfano
Karen Bhatt
Karen Clark
Karen Enright
Karen Grefer
Karen Harvey
Karen Kallio
Karen Leith
Karen Maschak
Karen Mattingly
Karen Nitschke
Karen Rafcliff
Karen Ramsey
Karen Smith
Karen Walker

Karl Krause
Kate Gilbert
Katherine Nonneman
Katherine Price
Katherine Ratliff
Kathleen Carpenter
Kathleen Cobler
Kathleen White
Kathryn Nickens
Kathy Alberti
Kathy Brown
Kathy Caswell
Kathy Colvin
Kathy Hawkins
Kathy Hein
Kathy Hopkins
Kathy Miller
Kathy Randles
Kathy Wolz
Katie Bain
Kay Barnett
Kay Jones
Kay Mills
Kay Peak
Kayo Bird
Keim Yates
Keith Bachman
Keith Buckler
Keith Cartwright
Keith Curneal
Keith Patton
Keith Pawsat
Keith Riley
Kelly Baumer
Kelly Goad
Kelly Harris
Kelly Hicks
Kelly Kendall
Kelly Tyre
Ken Anderson
Ken Bundy
Ken Chapman
Ken Clark
Ken Cobb
Ken Cooper
Ken Donahue
Ken Durbin
Ken Durkin
Ken Hightower
Ken James
Ken Maxwell
Ken McKinney
Ken Metcalf
Ken Mizoguchi
Ken Phillips
Ken Thornton
Ken Ussher
Kendall Boggs
Kendrick Strange
Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Barr
Kenneth Bond
Kenneth Dick
Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Fisher
Kenneth Gibson
Kenneth Hadley
Kenneth Kimsal
Kenneth Kupper
Kenneth List
Kenneth Overhults
Kenneth Owens
Kenneth Pierce
Kenneth Westerfield
Kenny Brashear
Kenny Chapman
Kenny Pitakis
Kenny Senn
Kenny Vessels
Kenny Whalen
Kent Watson
Kenton Donaldson
Kern Patton
Kester Halcomb, Jr.
Kevin Angel
Kevin Bishop
Kevin Hendrickson
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Lalley
Kevin Patton
Kew Taybi
Kim Carder
Kim Corman
Kim Iseral
Kim Jacobson
Kim Lindsey
Kim Malone
Kim Overby
Kim Reynolds
Kim Romer
Kimberlee Lindsey
Kimberly  Lawson
Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Desmond
Kitty Koenig
Kitty Pettit
Klaus Millinex
Kriste Harness
Kristi Arthurs
Kyle Flener

L. Blaine Rush
L. E. Wilson
L. Neal Wright
L. R. Smith
L.C. Barnes
LaMar Nickelson
Lance Roe
Lanny Thornsberry
Larry Adams
Larry Bates
Larry Bernard
Larry Blevins
Larry Book
Larry Brinneman
Larry Dixon
Larry Dryden
Larry Durbin
Larry Everidge
Larry Frondorf
Larry Hall

Larry Hammond
Larry Hayden
Larry Hopper
Larry Inman
Larry Jones
Larry Kargel
Larry McCarson 
Larry Mengel
Larry Miller
Larry Munson
Larry O'Bryan
Larry Parker
Larry Ray
Larry Rogers
Larry Schreiber
Larry Smith
Larry Swetnam
Larry Walsh
Larry Washam
Larry West
Laura Corbin
Laura Freeman
Laura Osborne
Laura Schneider
Laura Shelton
Laura Walters
Laverne Hopkins
Lawrence Botts
Lawrence Hall
Lawrence Huffer
Lawrence Rodamer
Lawrence Scott
Leann Moody
Leann Pegg
Lee Allen
Lee Brown
Lee Carter
Lee Chumber
Lee Kendall
Lee McClellan
Lee Morrison
Lee Mullins
Lee Myles
Lee Redmon
Lee Sarantakos
Lee Tobb
Lee Turner
Legon McDonald
Lela Boix
Leland Bowles
Leland Estep
Leland Wiese
Lemira Conway
Len Baith
Leo Link
Leo Massing
Leon Calvert, Jr.
Leon Lucey
Leon Sweet
Leon Thomas
Leon Young
Leona Campbell
Leonard Lombardo
Leonard Marshall
Leonard Schneck
Leonard Shouse
Les Bailey
Leslie Cerise
Leslie Farris
Leslie Newman
Leslie Reed
Leslie Reed
Lester Hughbanks
Lester Reeves
Letha Hembree
Levi Hardwick
Lew Nicholls
Lewis Dunn
Lewis Dunn
Lewis Edge
Lewis Hopper
Lewis Jean
Lewis Jean
Lewis Powers
Lewis Turpin
Libby Polack
Lily Wheel
Linda Adams
Linda Allen
Linda Avery
Linda Caudill
Linda Chambers
Linda Coomer
Linda Crawford
Linda Elsea
Linda Gilbert
Linda Hayes
Linda Horn
Linda Hudson
Linda Hunt
Linda Meers
Linda Riden
Linda Schaffer
Linda Smith
Linda Snyder
Linda Stokes
Linda Sue Ivey
Linda Whelan
Linda Whelan
Lindy Lamkin
Lisa Chamblin
Lisa Clifford
Lisa Good
Lisa Jenkins
Lisa Troutman
Lita Stiene
Liz Whisman
Lloyd Fortune
Lloyd Myers
Lloyd Spear
Logan Chick
Logan Collins
Lois Arnett
Lois Cook
Lois Ensor
Lois Flishchel
Lois Groves
Lois James
Lois Shinkle
Lois Strader
Lois Taylor
Lola James
Lonna Greene
Lonnie Reppert
Loretta Chapman
Loretta Cook
Loretta Hare
Loretta Manning
Loretta Strange
Lorrain Collins
Lou Baker
Lou Breuer
Lou Rettberg
Louis Holzapfel
Louis Lawson
Louis Nagel
Louise Brummett
Louise Carter 
Louise Dever
Louise Neff
Lovell Goodwin
Lowell Brand
Lowell McCollum
Lowell Spurlock
LuAnn HIll
Lucille Wills
Lucy Fullerton
Lucy Stone
Luke Bently, III
Lum Click
Lydia Randall
Lydia Wehrle
Lyle Weatherholt
Lyn Eberlyon
Lynda Wooton 
Lynn Bernard
Lynn Grissom
Lynn Hollingsworth
Lynn Starts
Lynne Cummings
Lynsey Ward
M. C. Shelton
M. V. Elben
M.C. McCuiston
Mac Ferguson
Mack Miller
Madaline Montgomery
Madeline Baugh
Mae Brock
Mae Hooves
Major Gabbard
Major Wheat
Malcomb Meers
Mamini Patel
Manuel Brown
Marc Carey
Marc Otto
Marc Rosen
Marcus Stollings
Marcy Woods
Margaret Brown
Margaret Collier
Margaret Dolwick
Margaret Glass
Margaret Larsen
Margery Dinsmore
Margie Henry
Margie Mullins
Margie Williams
Maria Batastoni
Maria Lukas
Marian Deardorff
Marie Glass
Marie Goins
Marie Gorrell
Marie McCuddy
Marie Nelson
Marie O'Day
Marie Slone
Marie Wedding 
Marilyn Archey
Marilyn Bostic
Marilyn Guffey
Marilyn Hodges
Marilyn Plageman
Marilyn Polley
Marion Greenwell 
Marion Roberts
Mark Alcott
Mark Brewer
Mark Fietsch
Mark Fisk
Mark Fitter
Mark Gross
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hanson
Mark Heiser
Mark Hollowell
Mark Jacobson
Mark Kelly
Mark Pennington
Mark Propes
Mark Roop
Mark Tarter
Mark Webster
Marlene Sullivan
Marsha Camenisch
Marsha Jones
Marsha Lorenzen
Marsha Pater
Marshall Gill
Marshall Huheey
Marshall Ney
Martha Brandenburg
Martha Cassidy
Martha Crafton
Martha Gaither
Martha Goss
Martha Shouse
Martha Sullivan
Martin Knott
Marty Hicks
Marty Mills
Marty Nickelson
Marty Schneider
Marty Stephens
Marvin C. Baker
Marvin Stewart
Marvin Welch
Marvin Young
Mary Alice Gayhart
Mary Anderson
Mary Ann Cansler
Mary Ann Guffey
Mary Ann Guthier
Mary Ann Lay
Mary Ann Picklesimer
Mary Beiland
Mary Benton Friend
Mary Beth Adams Harp
Mary Brauer
Mary Bryant
Mary Carol Eversole
Mary Dixon
Mary Ford
Mary Frances Clausen
Mary Gilliam
Mary Hall Guffey
Mary Jane Brunker
Mary Jane Sutter
Mary Jo Hyatt
Mary Johns
Mary Lou Irwin
Mary Lou McKenny
Mary Lou Oaks
Mary Lou Scott
Mary Lou Turner
Mary McBarron
Mary McMullin
Mary Oldfield
Mary Prentice
Mary Preston
Mary Preuss
Mary Rhodes
Mary Ruth Glacken
Mary Scott
Mary Shepherd
Mary Tatterson
Mary Toller
Mary Wells
Mary Wethington
Matt Gandolfo
Matt Kloecker
Matt Philips
Matthew Combs
Maudie Richie
Maurice Klosterman
Maxine Warnshuis
May Baker
Maynard Hogg
Medley Thompson
Mel Barth
Mel Gilbert
Melanie Day
Melanie Day
Melba White
Melinda Kelly
Melissa Brashear
Melissa Dalton
Melissa Graham
Melissa Lowe
Melissa Martin
Melissa Phillips
Melissa Swett
Melvin Robertson
Meredith Downey
Meredith Henninger
Mergenthal Dennie
Michael Aldridge
Michael Anderson
Michael Botkins
Michael Buis
Michael Chambers
Michael Clark
Michael Corriston
Michael Elder
Michael Foley
Michael Good
Michael Gurnee
Michael Heineman
Michael Jerry Hill
Michael Levinson
Michael Massey
Michael Meier
Michael Pawula
Michael Peyton
Michael Reen
Michael Robbins
Michael Rogers
Michael Sexton
Michael Shawn McWilliams
Michael Siebert
Michael Thomas
Michael Thompson
Michael Towles
Michael Wilke
Michelle Clark
Michelle Guess
Michelle Morris
Mickey Hite
Mike Bartlett
Mike Blanton
Mike Boggs
Mike Brock 
Mike Brown
Mike Burgett
Mike Campbell
Mike Case
Mike Cutshal
Mike Eckler
Mike Edington
Mike Frihome
Mike Fyre
Mike Gloke
Mike Glore
Mike Hardesty
Mike Hartley
Mike Hawksley
Mike High
Mike Hooker
Mike Howard
Mike Jones
Mike Kouns
Mike Mason
Mike Matracia
Mike McAtee
Mike McKenzie
Mike Palmer
Mike Patton
Mike Perkins
Mike Rhoden
Mike Riney
Mike Serra
Mike Smith
Mike Stone
Mike Strauberg
Mike Thomas
Mike Thompson
Mike Wehrkamp
Mike Westerman
Mildred Craft
Mildred Hancock
Milinda Brown
Millie Brown
Millie Knight
Milton Morros
Milton Neal
Misako Mizoguchi
Missy Swett
Misty Zinner
Mitch Dahmke
Mitchell Judy
Molly Jacobson
Momen Quiggins
Mona Collette
Monica Kennedy
Morris Bottoms
Morris Shelton
Mrs. Charles Conley
Mrs. Connie Goodpaster
Mrs. E. Brown
Mrs. Ernie Brown
Mrs. Harold Miller
Mrs. Jack Jones
Mrs. Joe Kendall
Mrs. Maurice Fuchs
Mrs. Richard Brooks
Mrs. Robert Brooks
Mrs. Sidney Delong
Murrel Winner
Myrel Short
Myrle Partridge
Myron Bates
N. Stammer
Nadine Able
Nakia Rogers
Nan Mink
Nancy Fierstos
Nancy Hamm
Nancy Hansen
Nancy Hester
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Kaaz
Nancy Koerner
Nancy Krause
Nancy Noel
Nancy Pence
Nancy Phillips
Nancy Rowe
Nancy Stiles
Nancy Wilson
Nathan King
Nathan Whitledge
Nathanial Williams
Nathaniel Hardwick
Nathaniel Robinson
Nathaniel Shields
Neal Harris
Nedra Nall
Neil Dever
Neil Mulvaney
Nell Young
Nelma Jean Huff
Nelson Hager, Jr.
Nelson Maynard
Nelson Meredith
Nelson Plain
Nevel Greene
Nicholas Champa
Nick Carter
Nick Furnish
Nick Payne
Nina Doyle
Nina Locker
Nina Parson
Noel Canlas
Noel Hardwick
Nola Brockman
Norbert Bischoff
Norbert Danhauer
Norm Erickson
Norm Hogan
Norma Campbell
Norma Jean McDonald
Norma Jones
Norma McCormick
Norman Balot
Norman Dean
Norman Dick
Norman Hughes
Norman Jones
Norman Williams
Norris Priest
Obie Corder
Odie Willis
Ola Patton
Olga Edwards
Olivia Sanders
Oma Patrick
Omar Rogers
Omar Rogers, II
Ona Canary
Ona McFarlan
Opal "Granny" Napier
Opal McGee
Opal Wiggins
Ordell Hill
Oscar Hudson
Oscar Johnson
Otie Adams
Otis Bradley
Otis Smith
Oval Pack
Owen Gilbert
Owen Mills
Owen Wright

P. J. Ebehar
Pam Crail
Pam Howard
Pam Riegler
Pam Shofner
Pamela Welch
Pastor Richard Beck
Pat Burch
Pat Carter
Pat Cartwright
Pat Cole
Pat Day
Pat DiSebastian
Pat Gettys
Pat Glockner
Pat Jones
Pat McGee
Pat Morgan
Pat Rehfus
Pat Ryan
Pat Schmeing
Pat Sullivan
Pat Toerner
Patricia Cobb
Patricia E. Hoeksema
Patricia Fernandez
Patricia Green
Patricia Gutzeit
Patricia Jenkins
Patricia Stallings
Patricia Steimle
Patricia Toerner
Patricia Zeitz
Patrick Henry Hughes, Jr.
Patrick Henry Hughes, Sr.
Patsy Mayes
Patsy Riddle
Patsy Varner
Patty Adams
Patty Lay
Patty P. Dorn
Patty Wheatley
Paul Brearey
Paul Bugay
Paul Clark
Paul Combs
Paul Connelly
Paul Constant
Paul Cupp
Paul Dean
Paul Dowdy
Paul Fast
Paul Ferrell
Paul Gieseke
Paul Griffith
Paul Hinton
Paul Holden
Paul Isom
Paul Jackson
Paul Johnson
Paul Judkins
Paul Mastin 
Paul McFarland
Paul Mullinger
Paul Newton
Paul O'Flynn
Paul Pape
Paul Patrick
Paul Powell
Paul Richardson
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson
Paul Schuette
Paul Schwab
Paul Sexton
Paul Shouse
Paul Sticklen
Paul Sullivan
Paul Taulbee
Paul Verville
Paul Walkup
Paul Weghorn, Jr.
Paul Williams
Paul Williamson
Paul Witten
Paul Wyatt
Paul Young
Paula Elder
Paula Joehl
Paula Wiese
Pauletta Burnett
Pauletta Robbins
Pauline Baker
Pauline Creech
Pauline Flynn
Peggy Applegate
Peggy Eameron
Peggy Murphy
Penny Breuer
Penny Hardwick
Perle Estridge
Perri Anne Friend
Perry Jones
Perry Jones, Jr.
Perry Lyons
Perry Poe
Perry Williams
Pete Miniard
Pete Toerner
Peter Barilla
Peter Doll
Peter Flynn
Peter Gray
Peter Toerner
Peter Wolf
Phil Altman
Phil Sims
Phillip Catron
Phillip Day
Phillip Doran
Phillip Eadens
Phillip Fowler
Phillip Thompson
Phyliss Cook
Phyllis Carlson
Phyllis Combs
Phyllis Faesy
Phyllis Hamilton
Phyllis Turpin
Phyllis Yates
Pia Martina
Polly Shields
Porter Schoff
Quinton Ball

R. B. Porter 
R. J. Denton
R. Ryan
R. Thomas
R.J. Martin
Rachel Hendon
Rachel Rhodes
Rafeal Garcia
Ralph Ballantine
Ralph Bartley
Ralph Bryant
Ralph Bryant
Ralph Cunningham
Ralph Doc Stengel
Ralph Harris
Ralph Martin
Ralph Palmer
Ralph Schwartz
Ralph Sutter
Ralph Taulbee
Ralph Ward
Randal Wells
Randall Barger
Randall Caudill
Randall Hamilton
Randall Johnson
Randel Rock
Randy Kaplan
Randy Shanks
Randy Upchurch
Ray Davenport
Ray Davis
Ray Douglas
Ray Flischel
Ray Haddix
Ray Ligon
Ray Meyer
Ray Pippen
Ray Raque
Ray Trumbo
Ray Wurth
Rayburn Burge
Raymond Bricking
Raymond Brockman
Raymond Hartley
Raymond Hughes Jr.
Raymond Humes
Raymond Latendresse
Raymond Lewis
Raymond Riley
Raymond Rowlett
Raymond Stephens, Jr.
Raymond White
Raymond Wilborn
Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Taylor
Reg Elliott
Reggie Shanks
Regina Bates
Regina Buckner
Regina Fugate
Renee Knies
Renee Parris
Resvie Wheeler
Retha Stapleton
Retha Tarter
Reva Hart
Reva Hornbeck
Rex Nicholson
Rharae Parkey
Rhonda Ranshaw
Rich Conaway
Rich Conaway
Richard Allen
Richard Barnes
Richard Beard 
Richard Beeber
Richard Blair
Richard Bogard
Richard Booth
Richard Botkin
Richard Brooks, Sr.
Richard Butterbach

Richard Calland
Richard Clements
Richard Crowe
Richard Cundiff
Richard Fulton
Richard Garrett
Richard Gerdes
Richard Gifford
Richard Gomez
Richard Grome
Richard Hardin
Richard Hart
Richard Hash
Richard Ioos
Richard Lindsay
Richard Lueken
Richard Maddela
Richard Morgan
Richard Oaks
Richard Peace
Richard Penney
Richard Powers
Richard Ratliff
Richard Smith
Richard Tillery
Richard Titsworth
Richard Vogel


Rick Barnes
Rick Brown
Rick Chasteen
Rick Hawkins
Rickie Salvato
Ricky Sparkman
Rita Bitter
Rita Fisk
Rita Flener
Rita Holt
Rita Houser
Rita McGarr
Rita Schnieders
Ro Klein
Rob Bolson
Rob Schmerge
Robbie Cox
Robbie Crump
Robbie Fogle
Robert "Bobby" Perkins
Robert "Larry" Duke
Robert Allen Auth
Robert Barbee
Robert Barth
Robert Berry
Robert Blackham
Robert Blaker
Robert Bogga
Robert Boutell
Robert Browne
Robert Budde
Robert C. Boggs
Robert C. Porter
Robert Camenisch
Robert Casebier
Robert Castle
Robert Chilton
Robert Crenshaw
Robert Curtis
Robert D. Boggs
Robert Deane
Robert DeMatina
Robert Denham
Robert Donley
Robert Downard
Robert Drabek
Robert Dukes
Robert Elsea
Robert Elswick
Robert Elzy
Robert Fallin
Robert Fierstos
Robert Flynn
Robert Ford
Robert Friend
Robert Frye
Robert Fuller 
Robert Garner
Robert Garnett
Robert Gayheart
Robert Glass
Robert Goins
Robert Graves
Robert Greathouse
Robert Hall
Robert Heightchew
Robert Henderson
Robert Hendon
Robert Hoover
Robert Howard
Robert Jenkins
Robert K. Ogle
Robert Keithley
Robert Loy
Robert Mackle
Robert Marker
Robert Markle
Robert Marsh
Robert Mason
Robert McKeown
Robert Merriam
Robert Mullins
Robert Mullins
Robert Orbach
Robert Paul, Sr.
Robert Phillips
Robert Pirtle
Robert Powers
Robert Puckett
Robert Reese
Robert Roe
Robert Schultz
Robert Scott
Robert Simkins
Robert Smith
Robert Spencer
Robert Srodulski
Robert Story
Robert Tucker
Robert Utterback
Robert Vaughn
Robert Vidas
Robert Wehr
Robert Welliver
Robert Werner
Robert Wilson
Robin Stein
Rod Parker
Roderick Coons
Rodney Cutright
Rodney Fisk
Rodney G. Perkins
Rogelio Silva
Roger Carter
Roger Conrad
Roger Deon, Jr.
Roger Handcock
Roger Hatfield
Roger Hemken
Roger Owens
Roger Pierce
Roger Rhoades
Roger Richert
Roger Storch
Roger Warnshuis
Roger Welch
Roger Willis
Roland Gayhart
Roland Richey
Rollan Shafer
Rom Scalf
Romona Lovell
Ron Bitter
Ron Browning
Ron Burnette
Ron Clark
Ron Dawson
Ron Eblem
Ron Forrester
Ron Grossman
Ron Holland
Ron Hunt
Ron Kowalkoski
Ron McMillian
Ron Mitchell
Ron Mullins
Ron Newcomer
Ron Nickelson
Ron Pettibone
Ron Phillips
Ron Redden
Ron Rose
Ron Steward
Ron Stivers
Ron Sydnor
Ron White
Ronald Anderson
Ronald Green
Ronald Hoback
Ronald Massotti
Ronald Presnell
Ronald Rollins
Ronald Simms
Ronald Thornsberry
Ronald Yowalskoski
Ronnie Breiner
Ronnie Pugh
Ronnie Rothwell
Roosevelt Blackford
Rorger Brown 
Rosa Peace
Roscoe Porter
Rosemary Lawson
Rosetta Williams
Rosie Gabbard
Roy Asher
Roy Caywood, Jr.
Roy Caywood, Sr.
Roy Emmick
Roy Eversole
Roy Grimes
Roy Toney
Roy Wilson
Rubel Gonzales
Ruby Blakeman
Ruby Byrd
Ruby Hausenholder
Ruby Holshouser
Ruby Horn
Rudy Stone
Rueben Wilkins
Ruel Minyard
Rufus Baker, Jr.
Rumsey Houser
Russ Gawthrop
Russ Goddard
Russell Dunn
Russell Heltsby
Russell Johnson
Russell Reese
Rusty Brown
Ruth Alcorn
Ruth Alexander
Ruth Ann Ayres
Ruth Battistone
Ruth Boarman
Ruth Click
Ruth Collier
Ruth Forsythe
Ruth Hagedon
Ruth Hardy
Ruth Hord
Ruth Jacobs
Ruth Jones
Ruth Matney
Ruth McClosky
Ruth Reynolds
Ruth Rose
Ruth Spaw
Ruth Thompson
Ruth Tolle
S. J. Gajdik
Sadona Hawkins
Sallie Hubbard
Sally Phillips
Sam Alexander
Sam Ballou
Sam Davis
Sam Fishman
Sam Galloway
Sam Givson
Sam Kirtley, III
Sam Martin
Sam Newton
Sam Roberts
Sam Scott
Sammie Lee
Samuel Colville
Samuel Long
Samuel Underwood
Sandford Parker
Sandi Friedson
Sandra Austin
Sandra Chilton
Sandra Cundiff
Sandra Hester
Sandy Barilla
Sandy Campbell
Sandy Constant
Sandy Ellsworth
Sandy Gisiger
Sandy Gook
Sandy Stevenson
Santos Blatt
Santosh Bhatt
Sara Chipman
Sara Phillips
Sara Smith
Sarah Andeson
Sarah Hubbard
Sarah Kaegi
Sarah Welch
Scott Basham
Scott Brown
Scott Fosson
Scott Orcena
Scott Schaffer
Scott Schroer
Scott Storms
Scotty Moore
Sean George
Sean Perry
Shannon Bennett
Sharon Bensinger
Sharon Bishop
Sharon Davis
Sharon Handy
Sharon Kay Short
Sharon Oravetz
Sharon Parrott
Sharon Patton
Sharon Richardson
Sharon Rogers
Sharon Smith
Sharon Weaver
Sharon Woods
Shawn Ramsey
Shea Nickell
Sheila Garnett
Sheila Sanders
Sheila Willoughby
Shelby Brennan
Shelby Trimble
Shelia Johnson
Shelia Lovell
Shelia Powers
Shelia Wethington
Sheri Friedrich
Sherri Ryan
Sherri Todd
Sherry Ausmus
Sherry Moss
Sherry Rock
Shirley Cowley
Shirley Johnson
Shirley Merriam
Shirley Moore
Shirley Phillips
Shirley Souter
Shirley Walker
Shirrill Crewz
Sidney Delong
Sissy Hite
Skip Schultz
Smokey Smotherman
Snoz Davis
Sondra Jander
Sonny Cloud
Sonny Cofer
Sory Shannon
Spence Dunn
St. Steve Compton
Stacy Lisle
Stacy Westerman
Stacy Wheeler
Stan Grau
Stan Webster
Stanley Baugh
Stanley Eads
Stanley Glass
Stella Pogue
Stephanie Mullins
Stephanie Prather
Stephen Ausmus
Stephen Boggs
Stephen Easterling
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Jordan
Stephen Machin-Smith
Stephen McRoberts
Stephen Romer
Steve Balentine
Steve Burton
Steve Carson
Steve Clark
Steve Clifford
Steve Colwell
Steve Darnell
Steve Deputy
Steve Dickerson
Steve Eden
Steve Glauber
Steve Hargis
Steve Hayden
Steve Hill
Steve Huddleston
Steve Ives
Steve Jefferies
Steve Kroehler
Steve Leake
Steve Miller
Steve Moss
Steve O'Conner
Steve Raliegh
Steve Ridley
Steve Turner
Steven Elam
Steven Gold
Steven Sexton
Stewart Jaggers
Stewart Perry
Sue Banks
Sue Campbell
Sue Collins
Sue Hagan
Sue Hager
Sue Hall
Sue Landis
Sue Maxwell
Sue Mullendore
Sue Mynk
Sue Tate
Sue Thomas
Susan Alexander
Susan Ament
Susan Cornwell
Susan Dance
Susan Dearborn
Susan Girten
Susan Hazelwood
Susan Hunter
Susan Lemons
Susan Maria Streible
Susan Miller
Susan Nall
Susan Taylor
Susanne Elkins
Sylvia Fosberry
T. C. Wilson
T. Howard Stark
Tammy Harris
Tammy Reams
Tammy Riddle
Tanya Gilbert
Taylor Blimline
Taylor Wood
Ted Bushelman
Ted Frango
Ted Gyorffy
Ted Walter
Ted Williams
Tempest Layne
Teresa Cantrell
Teresa Halliwell
Teresa Hollingsworth
Teresa Perry
Teresa Waters
Terrance Smith
Terry Anderson
Terry Burcham
Terry Carnes
Terry Jones
Terry Kennedy
Terry Mynk
Terry Posey
Terry Pugh
Terry Roth
Terry Thieneman
Terry Webster
Thelma Halcomb
Thelma Hilburn
Thelma Holcomb-Partridge
Thelma McClanahan
Thelma Noble
Theo Gammel
Theo Goode
Theodore Herpel
Theodore Jones
Theresa Thomas
Thirza Ellis
Thom Seigert
Thomas Atkins
Thomas Burton 
Thomas Conley
Thomas Conner
Thomas Florida
Thomas Hardesty
Thomas Keenan
Thomas Logue
Thomas Matney
Thomas Mauhugh
Thomas Moberly
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Pennebaker
Thomas Ratterman
Thomas Shelton
Thomas Stephenson
Thomas Stricklen
Thurman Darnell
Tim Blair
Tim Bowden
Tim Bowen
Tim Cottingham
Tim Greene
Tim Hunt
Tim J. Lee
Tim Miller
Tim Proffitt
Tim Smith
Timothy Cantrell
Timothy Sparks
Timothy Thieneman
Timothy Voss
Tinker Zimmerman
Tivis Johnson
Todd Dierig
Todd Thomas
Todd White
Todd York
Tom  Thieneman, Sr.
Tom "Jess" Combs
Tom Ashley
Tom Beiger
Tom Bennett
Tom Curtsinger
Tom Davenport
Tom Gill
Tom Gross
Tom Hager
Tom Hart
Tom Hartlage
Tom Henry
Tom Jackson
Tom Meyer
Tom Morgan
Tom Neal
Tom Nichols
Tom Price
Tom Schoborg
Tom Southard
Tom Stum
Tom Swaidner
Tom Thieneman, Jr.
Tom Toliver
Tom Utz
Tom Van Etten
Tom Wainscott
Tom Welker
Tom Wimsatt
Tommy Cotton
Tommy Davis
Tommy Duncan
Tommy Hayden
Tommy King
Tommy Leonard
Tommy Steele
Tommy Tate
Tony Bishop
Tony Busseni
Tony Colley
Tony Gossom
Tony Johnson
Tony Martina
Tony Payne
Tony Sexton
Tony Smith
Tony Thompson
Tracy Cerise
Tracy Drifmeyer
Tracy Sparks
Travis Langdon
Trey Winterman
Trish Riddle
Trudy Beiger
Trudy Tillett
Ursel Butterbach
Val Starkey
Valerie Bennett-Jones
Van Sims
Velma Phillips
Verna Sharp
Vernon Hauser
Vernon Hickey
Vernon Maggard
Vernon Meister
Vernon Nieporte
Vernon Shearer
Vernon Trammell
VeRon Moore
Veronica Whitehead
Vertie Thomas
Vesta Edwards
Vicki Madison
Vicki Northcutt
Vicki Rickard
Vickie Gregory
Vickie Madison
Vicky Cooney
Vicky Crafton
Victor Altabe
Victor Desmione
Victoria Cooney
Vince Wardia
Vinny Giammona
Viola Gudgell
Viola Moore
Virda Zars
Virgil Hale
Virginia Bates
Virginia Connelly
Virginia Greene
Virginia Hill
Virginia Merrell
Virginia Nash
Virginia Powell
Vivian Holliday
Vivian Silver
Vivian Smart
W. Allen Gordon
W. C. Gayheart
W. Edgar Lacy
W. M. Mando
W. Porter Douthitt
W. S. Amburby
W. Scott Duncan
W.C. Young
W.H. Hendry, Jr.
W.J. Fazenbaker
W.M.D. Gorman, Sr.
W.T. Mike Olson
Wade Bevins
Waleska Westerman
Wallace B. Harris
Wallace Crowe
Wallace Franklin
Wallace Jones, Jr. (Wah)
Wallace Shanklin
Wally Cochran
Wally Cornett
Wally Hardy
Walt Keller
Walt McIntosh
Walt Morris
Walter "Buck" Isbill
Walter "Fred" Riebe
Walter Adams
Walter Childress
Walter Coleman
Walter Fee
Walter Hilburn
Walter Koscienski
Walter Maliszevski
Walter Manning
Walter Marsch
Walter McGee
Walter Nolte
Walter Prater
Walter Sipe
Wanda Cash
Wanda DeAtley
Wanda Lombardo
Wanda Marsh
Wanda Segar
Wanda Shelton
Wanda Skaggs
Wardell (Sam) Gibson
Warner Cox
Warren Wills
Way Thompson
Wayne Almon
Wayne Cooper
Wayne Darnell
Wayne Dawees
Wayne Harney
Wayne Hayes
Wayne Jackson
Wayne Marksberry
Wayne Moore
Wayne Partine
Wayne Potts
Wayne Works
Wenda Owen
Wendall Moore
Wendall Wallace
Wendell Cook
Wendy Ryle
Wesley Cline
Wilba Walker
Wilbur Blanch
Wilbur Frye
Wilbur Kalf
Wilbur Steinhauser
Wilda Frye
Willa Shafer
William  (Bill) Heckman
William "Jon" Seagle
William "Red" Proctor
William A. Byrnes
William A. Van Hoose
William Albano
William Ardnt
William Baker
William Boggs
William Bonne
William Brothers
William Bryson
William Byron
William Caine
William Cantrell
William Cash
William Cassity
William Crabtree
William Curry
William Day
William Dean Crawford
William Derrico
William Donnermeyer
William Dosch
William Durbin
William Duty
William Foster
William Fugate
William Gardner
William Gatherwright
William Gentry
William Gorman
William Graves
William Hamilton
William Hammack
William Hardy
William Hastie
William Hieronymus
William Horn
William Jackson
William Lamb
William Lyles
William Malicote
William Marksberry
William McCubbin
William McWhorter
William Messer
William Monhollon
William Moody
William Mott
William Nickens
William Niles
William Oeth
William Platt
William Poor
William Quisenberry
William Ramsdell
William Reiley, Jr.
William Reynolds
William Rice
William Richardson
William Richter, Jr.
William Roberts
William Robinson
William Rock
William Ruth
William Sallee
William Shaw
William Shores
William Simpson
William Smith
William Smothers
William Stein
William Stoneking
William Strickfaden
William Tabb
William Taylor
William Taylor, Jr.
William Thieneman
William Tye
William Varble
William Wallin
William Walters
William Willman
William Wiseman
Wilton Petty
Wm. Joe Westerman
Woody Cash
Woody Simmons
Wyndall Smith, III
Yancey Watkins
Yolonda Libby
Yon Frantum
Young Choi
Yvette Slappy
Yvonne Gwynn
Zane Teeter
Zuda Marker

C. Jack Wright

Dale Barrett

Dan Langdon

David McClure

David Schneider

Deborah Ives

Diana Varner

Don Reilly

Donna (Peach) McClure

Donna Mullins

Donnie Martin

Dorcas Catron

Doug Hampton

Dr. Joern Soltau

Dr. Kevin Jackson

Dustin Rose

Erma Stargel

Gary Philpott

Ginny DeMoisey

Gregory L. Premo

Gregory Richardson

Holly Coakley Pelly

Jackie Burrell

Jamey Miller

Jamie Baumer

Jane Morton

Jeremy McWhorter

Jessie Varner

JoAnn Foster

John Proffitt

Karen Abraham

Kayo Bird

Kayo Bird

Kelly Baumer

Kenneth Jones

Kevin Jackson

Kim Malone

Laura Schneider

Leslie Reed

Lindy Lamkin

Loretta Strange

Lynne Cummings

Mark Daffer

Mark Hanson

Mark Heiser

Mark Hollowell

Marsha Lorenzen

Marvin C. Baker

Melissa Lowe

Nakia Rogers


Pam Riegler

Patricia Toerner

Paul Robinson

Peter Toerner

Randall Hamilton

Richard Barnes

Robert Mullins

Ron Forrester

Ron Forrester

Rubel Gonzales

Russ Gawthrop

Sharon Bishop

Sharon Smith

Steve Ives

Taylor Blimline

Ted Walter

Tony Colley

Wardell (Sam) Gibson

William A. Van Hoose

Yvette Slappy

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