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Become a Friend of the Foundation and Join our 20/20 Club!

To ensure the long term success of the Foundation, we are inviting individuals to become Friends of the Foundation by joining our new 20/20 Club. To join, simply setup your $20 monthly tax-deductible donation to KLEF using a credit or debit card by using the form below or contact KLEF to set up a recurring electronic transfer from your checking account. 

Please contact KLEF staff by calling 502-583-0564 to make arrangements to join the 20/20 Club with cash or check payments.   


Upon joining the 20/20 Club, you will receive a token of our gratitude to welcome you. Plus, you will know that your recurring gifts are helping provide a spark of hope to those in need!

 20/20 Club Members

Updated as of 11/13/2023

 Chuck Carlson 

Lindy Lamkin 

Mark Webster

Dave Satterly

Tom VanEtten**

Guy Hollander

Phyllis Carlson

John Johnson**

Cynthia Ferguson

George Lonneman

Dale Barrett

Gil Wentzel

Jeremy Prince

Mac Ferguson

Jeff Lorenzen*

Shea Nickell

Richard Rogers

Judy Wright*

Fred Wright

David Moose


Pam Elrod

Marsha Pater

Carol Dahmke

Mark Fietsch

Gary Logan

Dr. Carolyn Watson

Carol Hollander

Ramon Buntin

Verna Sharp

James Weise

Andrew Clay

Gary Sensabaugh

Shirley A. Moore

Andrea "Nikie" Walker

Andrei Tunsil 

Col. Ronald G. Forrester

Nancy Pence

Clay Diamond

Carolyn Grace

Lance Turlington 

* Denotes individual has passed away.

**  Denotes individual has ended their 20/20 Club contributions.


Your name could be listed next!



Use the form below to sign up for the 20/20 Club or call 502-583-0564 for assistance. 

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