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Become a Friend of the Foundation and Join our 20/20 Club!

To ensure the long term success of the Foundation, we are inviting individuals to become Friends of the Foundation by joining our new 20/20 Club. To join, simply setup your $20 monthly tax-deductible donation to KLEF using a credit or debit card by using the form below or contact KLEF to set up a recurring electronic transfer from your checking account. 

Please contact KLEF staff by calling 502-583-0564 to make arrangements to join the 20/20 Club with cash or check payments.   


Upon joining the 20/20 Club, you will receive a token of our gratitude to welcome you. Plus, you will know that your recurring gifts are helping provide a spark of hope to those in need!

 20/20 Club Members

Updated as of 7/28/2023

 Chuck Carlson 

Lindy Lamkin 

Mark Webster

Dave Satterly

Tom VanEtten**

Guy Hollander

Phyllis Carlson

John Johnson**

Cynthia Ferguson

George Lonneman

Dale Barrett

Gil Wentzel

Jeremy Prince

Mac Ferguson

Jeff Lorenzen*

Shea Nickell

Richard Rogers

Judy Wright*

Fred Wright

David Moose

Pam Elrod

Marsha Pater

Carol Dahmke**


Mark Fietsch

Gary Logan

Dr. Carolyn Watson

Carol Hollander

Ramon Buntin

Verna Sharp

James Weise

Andrew Clay

Gary Sensabaugh*

Shirley A. Moore

Andrea "Nikie" Walker

Andrei Tunsil 

Col. Ronald G. Forrester

Nancy Pence

Clay Diamond

Carolyn Grace

Lance Turlington 

Aaron Witten

Linda Crabtree

James Williams

Randy Morris

Beth Morris

* Denotes individual has passed away.

**  Denotes individual has ended their 20/20 Club contributions.


Your name could be listed next!



Use the form below to sign up for the 20/20 Club or call 502-583-0564 for assistance. 

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