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Helping Hands


The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation was founded in 1954 by the Louisville Downtown Lions Club and has been governed by the Lions of Kentucky since it's inception.    


We are committed to filling the gaps that exist for many Kentuckians by providing affordable access to vision services. 

Our Mission


The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation provides vision services through education, detection, prevention, treatment and empowerment. Through collaborative partnerships, we enable greater independence and increased quality of life for all Kentuckians while focusing on children and adults in financial need. 



Our Vision


Building a better tomorrow by bringing individuals into a world of sight, independence and accomplishment.

Our Motto


Your Vision is Our Mission. 

Our Core Values


In pursuing our mission and vision through quality services, we value and strive for greater integrity, respect, stewardship, leadership, diversity, effectiveness and collaboration.

Our Numbers

Our reach extends across the Commonwealth.  

Last year alone KLEF:

  • provided over 13,500 FREE vision screenings to Kentucky children ages 6 and under

  • provide over 17,700 FREE vision screenings to Kentucky adults & children over 7 years old

  • provided financial aid for 36 eye surgeries

  • provided financial aid for  35 legally blind Louisville area residents

  • provided referrals to local Lions Club eye glass programs to over 1,000 Kentuckians

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