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Thank you for your support of the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation! Because of friends like YOU, our Foundation has been able to provide over 400,000 FREE vision screenings to children and adults throughout Kentucky over the past 20 years! To celebrate, we are in the process of creating a highlight video of some of our success stories over the years and we want your story! We are looking for supporters or benefactors to submit a video or audio recording of yourself, your Club or someone you know that has benefited from the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation.


What do we mean by benefited? Anyone who has had a positive experience with KLEF, our programs, our staff, our volunteers, our board members, etc. Whether you're a volunteer, a board member, a Lions Club as a group, someone who participated in a vision screening, someone who received assistance from our Patron or Holloran programs, someone whose child received a vision screening from our KidSight program, someone who called KLEF to request assistance with eyeglasses and was referred to a local Club for assistance, etc. If you have any of these experiences - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Video or audio clips can be recorded using a cell phone but should be recorded with good lighting (video only) and in a quiet area with no background noises. Video or audio clips should be no longer than 2 minutes long and be submitted via email to Please submit your video or audio recording by February 28, 2022 to ensure that your recording is included in the video. If you have any technical questions or need help - please email or call 270-999-4887.


Need ideas for your recording? Below is a list of sample questions that you can answer during your short video or audio recording. You do not need to answer all questions - just the questions that best apply to your story.


  • What is your name?

  • When did you first learn about KLEF?

  • How did you get involved with KLEF?

  • What has been your favorite memory while working with KLEF?

  • When did you or your child receive a FREE vision screening from KLEF?

  • How did KLEF's financial assistance help you or your family member?

  • When did you first volunteer with KLEF?

  • What do you tell others about KLEF?

  • How can people get involved with KLEF?

  • If KLEF did not exist, how would your life be different?

  • What impact has KLEF had on you, your Club or your family?

  • How do you support KLEF?

  • How can others support KLEF?


Whether submitting a video or audio recording, please be sure to include a clip saying 'THANK YOU' during your submission. A compilation of THANK YOU'S will be used as the ending of our video.


An example video is posted below.

Thank you for helping us to compile video and/or audio clips for this video! The video will air during the MD-43 State Convention in May, 2022.


Again, please reach out to me if you have any questions or need help!




Jennifer Hunt Spurling



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