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Update on Amelia

Amelia (2013)

In April 2013, then 20-month-old Amelia was screened through KLEF’s KidSight Program at a screening conducted at her childcare center in Louisville, by the South Oldham Lions Club. Because of the screening, it was discovered at her eye examination that she had retinal myelination in her left eye and that eye was diagnosed -6.0.

Her grateful mother, Belinda, shared with KLEF: “We went to an eye doctor who quickly put her in glasses and a regimen of 2 hours of patching her ‘good’ eye every day to prevent lazy eye. We never suspected anything was wrong because she did such a good job coping with her other eye. Thank you for hosting such an important screening program. I get asked all the time, ‘How did you find out she needed glasses when she was so young?’ and all the credit goes to your organization and the work you're doing.”

Amelia (2020)

Earlier this month, KLEF Communications Coordinator, Jennifer Hunt, contacted Amelia’s mom to check in on her, and Belinda shared this update: “Amelia is doing great and was fitted for contact lenses a few months ago. We started occupational therapy to help with some issues and during this process, the OT suggested we have her evaluated for eye training. Because the prescription is so strong (-8.0) in her left eye, her depth

perception is lacking due to how the prescription makes an object appear smaller than it is. She’s coped well but her brain struggles with true size as her left eye tells her one thing and her right eye tells her another. To help minimize the size differential seen through glasses, Dr. McGiffin at Mooney Eye Care recommended contact lenses and eye training. We were supposed to start eye training in March, but all was put on hold. We hope to start soon and continue our journey of working through her retinal myelination. Thank you for checking in and again for providing such an important program!”

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