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Louisville Downtown Lions Club grants $75,000 to KLEF for purchase of a new Vision Van and equipment

Wednesday, September 2nd, Louisville Downtown Lions Club President Mark Webster presented a $75,000 grant to KLEF to use to purchase a new Vision Van and vision screening equipment.

This grant, as well as several others were provided by the Club in celebration of their 100th Anniversary.

The existing Vision Van is still able to be used, and once the new Vision Van is ready to “hit the road”, we hope to make the existing Vision Van more accessible around the state, perhaps by having it move to different locations for extended periods of time (i.e. rotating where it will “stay” and be used for community screening events for a couple months at a time somewhere in Northern KY/Eastern KY/Western KY).

More information about these plans and the new Vision Van will be forthcoming.

Many thanks to the Louisville Downtown Lions Club for this generous grant and for their continued support of KLEF!

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