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Eight Kentucky Lions Club Members Receive Honors from Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation’s President, Lion Shea Nickell, honored eight Lions of Kentucky at the annual KLEF Luncheon during the Lions of Kentucky State Convention on Saturday, May 4th. Lion Carol Hollander received the KLEF President’s Award, which is given annually by the current President of the Foundation to someone that he or she feels deserves recognition for their tireless efforts in support furthering the mission of the Foundation. Seven other Lions including DG Mary Wethington, DG Kevin Bishop, PDG Guy Hollander, Lion Marhsa Pater, Lion Perri Ann Friend, Lion Renee Knies and Lion Johnny Friend, were presented with a Finis E. Davis Fellowship Award during the luncheon. This Award was created to honor the memory of Kentucky’s first and only President of Lions Clubs International. PIP Finis served as President from 1960-1961. Then in 1967-68 he was President of the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation. He spearheaded the drive to raise the first $2 million dollars to build the Kentucky Lions Eye Research Institute and dedicated his life to Lionism.

“Presenting these awards to the great group of Lions has been one of the greatest highlights during my term as President of the Foundation,” said Lion Shea Nickell, KLEF 2018-19 President.

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation’s mission is to provide vision services through education, detection, prevention, treatment and empowerment. Through collaborative partnerships, they enable greater independence and increased quality of life for all Kentuckians while focusing on children and adults in financial need. Their reach spans throughout the Commonwealth, as we partner with nearly 200 Lions Clubs across the state. Annually, hundreds of KLEF volunteers provide nearly 50,000 free vision screenings to Kentuckians. KLEF programs also assist over 30 low income individuals in need of eye surgeries and provide over $30,000 in assistance to legally blind residents of Jefferson and surrounding counties.

To learn more about the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation and how you can get involved, please visit or contact KLEF by calling 502-583-0564.

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